Element #92, 238, DU 2g, 2 grams of Depleted Uranium shavings, DU238 hot sale


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This is Depleted Uranium, 2g, also called DU, DU238, element#92 or U238.These are the shavings off of a 25 kilogram block of Depleted Uranium that was turned into a cylinder and the shavings were collected and are now being sold.I have quite a bit of this, so if you need more than 1g then just ask and I'll make another custom listing for you.I can do up to 10 grams as that is all that I have left of the 60 grams I started with.It's going quick!But I can always get more if you need more, that is.Used as a display sample in element collections, reacted with nitric acid gives Uranyl nitrate, which is used in making Uranium glass that glows bright neon green under a blacklight, also used as a check source for Geiger counters (we also have Thorium lantern mantles for that as well), amongst many, many other things.We have nearly every element in stock, just ask about them.We also have over 300 lab grade chemicals for science experiments for kids of all ages, including adults.

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